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After Four Years - Indian mother and son satisfy each other.


Dear Readers this is a work of fiction. There is absolutely no truth in this story. Neither do I recommend nor do I advocate incest as a way of finding sexual pleasure.

After Four Years

My name is Rohan and I am from India. I am happily married with my wife for last ten years. We have two beautiful children. We live in a Mumbai suburb. I work for a big engineering company. My parents live in Nasik, a place not far away from Mumbai.

I had a great time when I used to live in Nasik as a kid and then as a young man. Both my parents are very loving and caring also I am their only son. My father used to work for a small company as a clerk. He is retired now and my mom was always a housewife. She is a very good mother and I always was very close to her. My mom was married to my father when she was only nineteen and my father was then twenty nine. I was born when my mom was twenty. My parents did not go for another child due to financial constrains. But I always wished that I had a brother or a sister.

My father was not health conscious his food habits were not good and he used to drink on a regular basis. But my mom always avoided oily food and the daily chores kept her fit. I was a happy go lucky guy. I was good in studies and also on the play ground. Much of my time was devoted towards cricket and cycling.

As I grew up I often used to fantasize about making love to my mom. She was the only woman in my life who was present all the time around me. I did have a huge crush on a girl who was my classmate. Her name was Anuradha, I could never propose to her till I left the school. But she was friendly to me and we used to talk and exchange notes sometime. I did not see her for a long time after she left the school.

I passed my secondary school (SSC) and opted science for higher secondary school. I was determined to become an engineer.

Everything went on as normal till I was in my third year of engineering I was 20 and my father was 50. My father suffered a stroke and was paralysed. He was in the hospital for a week. Fortunately because of his relatively young age he regained some control over his limbs. His right side of the body was affected. He could no longer use his right hand and walked with some difficulty. He would (and still) limp and drag his right foot while walking. His speech is slurred. But otherwise he is ok. I spent a year massaging his legs, hands and back to stimulate the muscles and encourage the recovery. But despite of best of my efforts and extensive physiotherapy he could not recover completely. But anyway he doesn't have any other problems as he has given up drinking and eating oily food. He also goes for a walk everyday to keep fit.

This story is of those turbulent days when my father was brought home from the hospital.

Back To Home

I opened the door of the taxi to help my father move out of it. I pulled him out and supported him while walking towards the door of our house. Mom was walking next to him. I helped him get into his bed so that he could rest.

"That's it dad. You rest till evening then I will give you a massage."

My father did not say anything he was too shocked because of what had happened to him.

He was about to cry.

"Don't worry dad you will be alright."

I put up a brave face but I was also worried. There was always a danger of another stroke. I walked out of the bedroom and signalled my mom to follow me. We went in our living room.

"Look ma this is a serious situation and we must do our best to help him come out of this."

"I know Rohan."

"Follow the strict diet which doctor has prescribed and try to keep him happy."

"Ok" She said in a low voice.

The emotional trauma had drained our energy.

A few weeks after my father started some physiotherapy and I continued to massage him daily. There was some improvement in his leg but not in his right hand. This continued for months. My father took a retirement as he could no longer perform his duties. He was now getting some pension which was not enough for us to survive. This was because he did not complete his full service period. We were surviving because of some savings which my father had. Now I was totally devoted to my parents. I had to help my father do household work, go to market for grocery, vegetables shopping etc. I also helped my mom for cooking and cleaning.

My life was totally changed. I was cut off from my friends. I mostly stayed indoors after attending my collage. My mom knew this and she felt very sorry for me.

One day my mom asked me

"Rohan why don't you go and play cricket with your friends?"

"I can't do that ma"

"Why not? Your father is now ok you can go out now."

"But I want to stay with you ma, who knows when I am needed here"

"That's true but the playground is not far away from our home. I can call you if we need your help Rohan."

"No ma I don't want to get into it."

"Oh Rohan you are such a good boy I wish you had some brothers and sisters. Now everything is on your shoulders."

"It's ok ma I will take care of everything."

My mom looked in my eyes proudly.

As months passed my father's bank account was almost exhausted and we were now feeling the pinch. We had to ration everything, food, water, electricity everything. I realized this rationing is not going to help us for long. I decided to do some part time job. Luckily the owner of the company where my father worked offered me a part time job as a token of gratitude towards my father's service. I used to work five hours everyday between 7 pm to 12 am. He gave me a job of keeping records of the goods transported from the warehouse during that period.

It was very difficult for me. I was attending collage, doing home work, doing a part time job and also attending my father everyday. Those were the most painful days in my life. I often used to come home very tired and sleep as soon as I lay in my bed. During this period I went even closer to my mother. She was so proud of me and would often kiss my forehead. She would often come in my bedroom in the morning and move her fingers through my hair to wake me up. Sometimes I would even get a kiss on my cheek in the morning.

I passed my engineering and got a job as an apprentice in a company. This company produces spare parts for automobiles. I was appointed as a trainee supervisor on the shop floor. The salary was not very good but now I was much relaxed as I need not study anymore. I was more interested in doing a job in Mumbai. But I decided to get some experience before moving to Mumbai.

Now I had more time for myself. I again started to have fantasies of making love to my mom. Sometimes I used to feel guilty but those fantasies would come again and again.

My mom was really beautiful. She was strongly built with broad shoulders. Her black eyes and dense black hair were really defying her age. Her breasts were quite big and the roundness of her bottom made her look more desirable.

As years went by my sexual frustration also increased. I was now twenty four and still virgin. My parents did not talk about my marriage because they were worried if I moved out they will be left to fend themselves.

I am disciplined

One Saturday my father had gone out for a walk. I was sitting in the living room watching morning news. My mom came with two cups of tea and offered me one and sat besides me sipping her own cup. I always felt good when she sat beside me like this. On the news channel they were showing some murder case because of some sexual reasons.

"This guy should be hanged" said my mother.

"That's not fair ma. He is just a suspect, not yet guilty"

"I know I know but he must be the one"

"Ma but he could have also done this because of some frustration"

One thing led to another and our discussion went on and on and finally it took a dramatic turn when I asked her

"Ma can I ask you one thing?"

"Anything dear, go on"

"Ma it is very personal"

"Ok no problem ask me"

"Ma how is father?"

"What is so personal in this? You know he is good now"

"Not that" I said.

"Then what?" she asked

"I mean how is he in ... in the bed?" I chew my tongue as I asked her.

She did not reply and seemed crestfallen.

"Ma don't misunderstand me ma."

She looked at me confused what her son wants to know.

"I just want to know if dad can perform after his stroke that's all ma, and I am sorry if I have offended you."

Her tension eased as she realized what my concern was.

"Its nothing beta(son)"

"Means?" I asked

"I don't know how to talk about it with you."

"Its ok ma I am sorry."

"No Rohan why you should be sorry? You are grown up and as my son you have the right to ask. But I don't know what to tell you. I always wanted to talk about this with someone." Her vice cracked.

"Tell me ma may be you will feel relieved." I said.

"Rohan your father can not do anything after the stroke"

"Oh no ma."

"Yes Rohan , few months after his stroke I tried, but could not get him going. He can not get "it" up."

"So how do you.. I mean uh I mean" I wanted to ask her how she satisfies herself.

"When it becomes unbearable I do it myself." she knew what I wanted to ask.

I was getting turned on by all this talk.

"It must be very hard on you ma. It has been four years now."

"Yeah but what can be done" she finished her tea and kept the cup on the table.

"Ma it has been four years for you, but for me it has been ages"

I was turned on by the nature of talk between us. I kept my cup on the table and moved near her and put my arms around her. I pulled her towards me and I tried to kiss her lips. She immediately got up pushing me away.

"What you are doing Rohan?" She was furious.

"I just.."

She slapped on my cheek. She had never slapped me that hard ever before.

"Ma I just"

"Shut up Rohan. I always thought you are my good boy. I talked about your father's disability and my frustration because there is nobody with whom I can talk on this issue."

"I am sorry ma, please forgive me." I hung my face in shame and walked towards my bedroom.

I was devastated by the insult and shame. I did not go out of the room as I did not have courage to face my mom again. I did not even go out to have lunch. My father asked me to come out for lunch but I told him that I was not hungry he did not ask me again and left. I was praying that mom should not tell anything to my dad.

In the evening my father went out for a walk. My mother came in my room. I was lying head down on the bed. She came and sat on the edge of the bed and moved her hand over my back.

"Get up Rohan. You must be hungry. I have brought some thing for you to eat"

"I am not hungry" I said keeping my head down. I had no courage to look at her.

"Don't be silly. Forget what happened and get up now," she said affectionately.

She was moving her hand over my back and that touch was very assuring. Eventually I mustered enough courage and turned around. I was still avoiding an eye contact with her.

"Forget everything Rohan. Have this"

She offered me a cup of tea and a piece of cake. I took the cake and finished it in a flash as I was too hungry. My mom laughed.

"See I told you. You are hungry you can't hide anything from me. Wait I will bring some more cake for you," she said and went into the kitchen.

She came back with a few more pieces of cake. She was now smiling. This gave me enough encouragement to finally face her. I looked in her eyes.

"Ma I.."

"Shhhhh" she kept her finger on my lips.

"Its ok Rohan. Actually I am feeling sorry that I slapped you. You are now grown up"

"I am sorry ma. You are so beautiful you always turn me on"

On hearing this she blushed.

"Rohan don't talk like that."

"Ma just as you I am also frustrated. What happened today was because of this frustration. I will not let it happen again ma. May be it's time to look for a bride for me. I wish I have a wife like you"

She looked at me. I saw she looked worried.

"Ok have these," she gave the cake to me.

"Rohan I am sorry dear I slapped you."

"No ma it is your right. But please don't tell dad"

"Off course I won't let him know anything." She assured me.

"Ok dear we will talk later on this."

She smiled and turned around to leave the room. I could not but watch her beautiful bottom sway as she moved out. I was aching to make love to her but the taboo of incest was coming in the way. I brushed off the thoughts and moved my attention towards the cake. I was much relieved now and after eating I moved in the living room to watch TV.

That night I had dinner with my parents and retired to my bedroom early.

And it happened

I was not able to sleep because of the events accrued during the day. I was also thinking of ways to seduce my beloved ma. But slowly I drifted towards sleep. I woke up when I heard the noise at my door. Somebody was trying to open it. I got up from my bed and walked towards the door and stood there a few feet away. Finally the door opened and my mom walked in!

"Ugghh" she kept her palm over her mouth as she saw me standing there. She was stunned.

She then moved inside and pushed the door and without turning around slid the latch to lock it from inside. My heart began to pound as I could imagine what she was up to. We both were standing where we were, confused and not sure what to do. I was confused because she slapped me for my advances, but the same woman has now herself come to me. She was confused because she did not know how to react.

"Ma" I whispered.

"Shhh slowly your father may wake up." And she walked towards me.

I also walked towards her. We were now very close to each other face to face. Not knowing what to do, I tentatively put my hands around her waist and again dropped them down. I was totally confused. She also placed her hands over my chest and pulled them back. We were riding in the same boat. We wanted it to happen but we were not sure how to start it. Finally I gathered enough courage and placed my hands around her waist and pulled her towards me. I broke the ice and the result was very sweet because my mom also put her hands around my back and hugged me tightly.

"Ohhh Rohan" she whispered.

"Ma I can't believe this" I whispered.

"Rohan in the evening you said I turn you on" she whispered.

"Yes ma yes"

We were both moving our hands over each others back. She was rubbing her face against my chest planting small kisses. My breathing had increased and my dick was rock hard. My mom was also breathing heavily. Her breasts were pressed hard against my body. I lifted her chin. It was dark and I was not able to see the expressions on her face. I slowly placed my lips on her lips and kissed her. She moaned and increased her grip around my back even further. Her soft beautiful body was pressing hard against me. It was dark and only the moonlight coming through the semi transparent windows provided some visibility. She looked towards me, her beautiful big eyes were shining in the moon light. She pulled me towards her by grabbing my hair and placed her lips on my lips and kissed me once twice thrice and then slipped her tongue inside my mouth. I had never been with a woman before and this was an attack on me which I had never expected. My mom was filled with lust and she was frantically sucking my tongue. She was moaning with pleasure and rubbing her body against mine. Her soft body and her sweet smell was driving me mad. My heart was pounding and my dick was aching.

"Shhhh ahhhh Rohan I want you Rohan" she whispered.

"Ma it's feeling so good"

"Shhh Rohan don't raise your voice your dad will wake up"

"Ok" I said in a low voice and we moved towards my bed.

My mom lay there on her back. I was on top of her on all my four. She was now in between my limbs.

"What if dad wakes up ma?" I asked.

"Don't worry he won't wake up so easily. I have given him an extra pill today. But keep your voice low." She whispered.

She was breathing heavily and her breasts were rising and falling with her each breath. I moved down and kissed her. Then I placed my face in between her breasts and started rubbing it against them. She began to moan with pleasure. She grabbed my hair and pressed my face hard against her breasts. I was now kissing her breasts frantically. I slowly moved my hands behind her back to unhook her blouse. Suddenly she pushed me away.

"Don't Rohan, don't remove it. We don't have time. It takes time to dress up again" she whispered.

She then pulled me towards her and kissed me and pulled my shorts below my waist. I quickly got rid of those along with my underwear. I pulled my T-shirt over my head and totally bared myself. She again pulled me towards her and moved her palms over my shoulders my chest and my nipples.

"Wow Rohan you are so strong" she whispered and pulled me over her. She put her arms around my back and pressed me hard against her.

"Shhhhhh aaaaahhhh Rohaaaaannnn" she moaned in a low voice.

My dick was paining now as it had gathered blood from all parts of my body. My mom was holding me tight against her, moaning, twisting and turning in the bed. Suddenly she released her hands and bend her legs in the knee. She then raised her bottom and pulled her sari and petticoat above her waist.

My heart began to pound frantically as my mom was now asking me to enter her. The very thought of entering her was driving me crazy. She was filled with lust and was breathing heavily. I lowered myself over her. She quickly put her arms around my back and pulled me tightly over her.

"Do it Rohan" she whispered and spread her legs.

I wanted to remove her panty so I lay my hands over her waist trying to locate it. She was not wearing any panty.

"I have already removed it before coming here." She whispered in my ear.

So my mom was determined to do this. This somewhat eased my hesitation. I placed my dick in between her legs. She quickly placed it on the entrance of her pussy by holding it in one hand and parting her pussy lips by the fingers of other hand.

"Come Rohan get inside your ma's body" she whispered in my ear.

I slowly pushed my dick inside her moist pussy.

"Ohh maaa" I moaned with pleasure.

"Ssssss Aaaaaahhhhhh" My mom moaned as I went in.

I began to move in and out of her pussy. She would raise her waist with my every forward movement. She was moaning with pleasure and I was too excited to see my mom moaning with my dick inside her. We were both breathing heavily and our hearts were pounding as never before. Her pussy was now wet and soapy and yet is was giving my dick a tight and cosy embrace. Our churned love juices were flowing out of her pussy wetting my balls.

"Rohan faster Rohan" she said in a hoarse voice.

I increased my rhythm. She seemed to enjoy that. I could see the pleasure on her face. Her eyes were closed and she was clasping the bed sheet in her hands.

"Aaaaahhhhhhhh Ssssssssshhhhh Aaaaaahhhhhh"she moaned.

"Ohhh maaa it feels so good Ssssshhhh Aaaaaaahhhhhhh"

I was now moving frantically between her legs. Her breasts were swaying up and down trying to get out of her blouse. My bed was cracking creating small sounds. Her glass bangles were colliding against each other creating a sound 'cling-cling-cling' All these things were advertising what we were doing. But fortunately the door was closed and the noise generated was also not too loud.

"Aaaahhhhh Rohan Sssshhhh Aaaahhhh" she spread her legs wide apart while moaning.

"Ma I can't hold ma Sssshhhh Aaaahhhh."

"Rohaaaaan I am Coming Rohan Ssssssshhhh Aaaahhhhhh"

"Ohhh maaaaa ssssssssshhhh Agghhhhhhhhhhh"

I came shooting my semen inside her.

"Aaaiiiighhhhhhh Ssssssshhhhh Aaaaahhhhhhhhhhh" she screamed in a very low voice.

She arched her back, raised her waist forcing her pussy towards my dick. Waves after waves of ecstasy ran through our bodies. She champed her legs against my bottom pressing me deep inside her. Her pussy was pulsating and so was my dick. I was still spraying inside her pussy and her pussy was happily accepting the filling. I lay on top of her. Her eyes were closed and face clearly showed the pleasure. We were in that position for some time. After a while she opened her eyes and kissed me gently.

"Wow Rohan that was mind blowing"

"For me too ma. In fact this is my first time."

"Oh dear you have to wait for this so long" she giggled.

"Ma you are fantastic"

"You are a good lover honey" she said.

"You too ma."

"Wow Rohan after four long years I finally got what I wanted" and she kissed me. She looked satisfied and relaxed.

"I never had such an orgasm before" she said

"Ma this is not the first and last time?" I asked her.

"No honey I will sneak in whenever I can." She smiled

"Wow ma that's great." I whispered and kissed her.

"Ok honey I should go now before your father wakes up and finds out"

"Ok ma." And I pulled out of her.

She immediately went out of my bedroom and rushed towards the bathroom. I watched her beautiful bottom sway as she walked out. I was in heaven, still lying naked on the bed. My fantasy had become a reality. Till it happened I have never imagined it will happen.


A few days passed without any thing. My mom did not come. I could not take any advantage in the morning when my dad went out for a walk. Because he used to go only after I left for office. I could not speak to my mom regarding this because of his ever presence. I finally asked her one morning when I was about to leave for the office and my father was in the garden in our backyard.

"Ma please come today." I said

"Ok I will try"

"No try ma you must come I need you very badly."

"Ok you go now it's getting late for you."

"Ma promise me you are coming today"

"Ok honey I promise, now go." She said.

"Yesss" I yelled and left for my office. My mom was smiling as I left.

That night my mom came late when everything was quite. She came stealthily and locked the door. I was waiting for her. She was also eager to have sex. She directly came in my arms. We hugged each other and kissed frantically. I was only in my shorts. I did not realize when my mom removed it. She lifted her sari and spread her legs for me. The sex was really good that night. We were done with it in about half an hour.

"You are really a good lover honey" she said

"Thanks ma"

"You make me feel so full 'there'" she blushed

"So please come tomorrow and everyday."

"That's not possible honey." She giggled.

"Why not mom" I asked her in a pleading tone.

"I can not give an extra pill to your dad every day"

"Then come without giving any extra pill"

"What if he wakes up and finds out?" she asked.

"Hmmm" I said disappointedly.

"We can do it on Saturday and Sunday mornings when you are at home and your dad goes out for a walk" she suggested.

"That's great ma but it feels great at night. I wish you come every night."

"Honey I will try to come as much as I can"

"Ok ma"

"So now let me go dear."

I moved away from her and she quickly raced towards the bathroom.

Unfortunately because of heavy workload we were all advised to do overtime and come on weekends. I was disappointed as this was going to undo my plans. We were also told that the situation will continue to remain so for at least three months. So our plans to have unrestricted sex on weekends were spoiled. My mother would come to me only after four or five days.

My father did not notice anything unusual. My mother was encouraged by this and her frequency of visits increased. She would come every alternate day. Only when she was experiencing her periods she would not come for a week. We were making very passionate love.

One night we were in the middle of our love making when I heard a knock on my door.

"It's father ma." I said in a terrified voice.

"Rohan open the door your mom is not in the house"

He thought my mom went out some where but he did not suspect that she was with me. I was terrified and did not know how to react.

"Rohan dress up I will handle this" She said in a firm tone.

I was surprised and wondered what she was up to? I quickly pulled on my shorts and lay on the bed inside the covers. I was really terrified. My mom pulled her sari down up to her feet adjusted her hair and got up from the bed. She then slowly walked towards the door. My heart was pounding as she removed the latch. She opened the door halfway, stepped out and quickly pushed the door back.

"What are you doing here?" My father asked loudly. I could hear him even though the door was closed.

"Let's go to our room I will tell you" My mom said.

After a few seconds I heard the opening and closing of their door. I was curious and also worried. I was worried that my father would beat my mom. Even though he could not use his right hand his left hand was enough to kill my mom. I stood terrified outside their room listening to them. I was prepared to step in just in case.

"Ok tell me now what were you doing there?" asked my dad.

"Listen now, our son is no longer a kid" said my mom.

"I know that, come to the point."

"You see he is now twenty four and his needs are not the same," said my mom.

"What do you mean?" asked my father.

"Look I just want to tell you that.."

"Don't confuse me just tell me why you were there?"

A few minutes of silence and then my mother spoke something which I never thought she could speak.

"What do you think two adults would do in the middle of the night in a closed room with lights switched off?"

"You bastard" My father shouted.

"Don't shout at me." My mother yelled. She had taken an aggressive stand.

"Are you able to satisfy me for the last four years?"

"Did I spare any efforts to stimulate you?"

My father did not say anything. Probably he was stunned by my mother's questions. She had directly attacked his manhood and humiliated him.

"Do I not have any feelings? Do I not have any desires? Am I too old not to have any sexual desire?" Her voice cracked.

After a few seconds of silence

"I have been serving you like a maid without any complains. I sponged you, cleaned your refuse when you were immobilized. I help you everyday to tie your shoes, put on your clothes." She was sobbing now.

"I do not have any existence. For the last four years I have not even gone out of the house. I have not seen a single movie; I have never been to any restaurant. I am just working as your maid servant." She was now crying loudly.

I felt sorry for my mother. For the first time I realized what she was going through.

"Our son is now twenty four and people are already bringing marriage proposals for him. What do you think when he gets married and moves out?"

"Is your pension enough for us to sustain?"

"By giving up to him I am ensuring he stays with us" She declared.

"Besides he is doing what you are not able to do" she humiliated him again.

"So what you want to do now? Want to kill me? Go ahead kill me and relieve me from my duties as your maid." My mom was very angry. I was surprised how the tide was turned.

"But what you are doing is wrong" My father finally said something.

"Don't preach me what is wrong and what is right. In our time of distress nobody helped us not even your brothers and sisters." Her anger was spilling out of her voice.

"Our son massaged you for more than one year; he took on all the household responsibilities. He even took up a job when kids of his age were enjoying."

"My heart went out for him everyday. Did you forget how many sacrifices he has made for our family?" She was now emotional.

"I know what I am doing is not moral as per the society in which we live. But I don't care for that society"

"It is pay back time now. I am doing exactly what I should do." She said in a very firm voice.

Nothing happened for a few minutes. I waited there for some more time but I did not hear any conversation between them. I assumed that they had settled in their beds and walked towards my room.

New Beginning

Next day morning I was lying on my bed head down. It was already time to get up. But I did not have courage to face my dad. I wanted to go to office to escape the embarrassment but how could I avoid my father? He would be in the living room watching morning news. I heard my door open but I still lay as I was. It was my mom.

She came and sat on the edge of the bed.

"Get up honey" she said moving her hand over my back. I felt assured like a baby.

"Today your dad has gone out for his morning walk earlier, may be he wants to avoid you."

Now I wanted to avoid him and he too wanted to avoid me. I got up from the bed and tried to kiss my mom. She gently pushed me back.

"Ummm you need to brush your teeth before you put anything in your mouth"

She was right. I quickly got up and rushed towards the bathroom. I relieved myself, brush my teeth, took a shower and came out in the living room. My mom had already arranged my breakfast and tea on the dining table.

"Wow it smells good ma what have you made for me?" I asked

"It's your usual omelette and bread but with butter may be that's why it smells good"

I walked towards the table where she was standing and put my arms around her. She also put her arms around my neck and rested her breast against me. We kissed passionately.

"Mom I heard everything yesterday"

"You little rascal you were spying on us"

"No ma I was standing there just in case dad beat you"

"So did you hear everything?"

"Yeah everything till you said 'payback time' "

She blushed as she poured some tea in my cup. I finished my breakfast and rushed to my office. That day in the office was very disturbing for me. I was not able to concentrate. I was waiting for 6pm. The watch never seemed to go forward. At last those long hours were over and I headed back to my home.

My mom opened the door for me. I went straight into my bedroom as wanted to avoid my dad who was watching TV in the living room. But how long I could avoid it? I had to face him at the dinner table. I kept my head down at the dinner table to avoid eye contact with my dad. My dad was also doing the same thing. I hastily finished my dinner and went in my bedroom. It was too early to sleep so I picked up a book and started reading it.

It was around 11 pm when my mom walked in and closed the door. I was surprised as she would normally come to me after mid night. She was also wearing some flowers in her hair. She walked straight into my arms. I pulled her towards me and kissed her.

"Ma you are early today?" I asked her.

"You did not hear what your father said afterwards"

"What did he say ma?"

"He said he won't mind our relationship and even encouraged me to sleep with you everyday" she said brushing her nose against my chest.

I was delighted on hearing this. Now I understood why he did not say anything to me and why he avoided contact with me. He had probably accepted the reality that he was not going to be cured. It was in his own interest that he let his wife sleep with me instead of somebody else. This would have humiliated as the word would have spread about his condition.

"Oh ma" I said and moved on top of her.

I kissed her gently. She was moving her fingers through my hair. She pulled me close to her and put her arms around my back. I was now resting on her soft body. Her breasts were pressing against my chest. I was feeling their softness. I moved my face over her breasts and started rubbing it against her breasts. She was now moaning with pleasure and excitement. I kissed her breasts over and over again.

"Uhh Rohan that's feeling so good" and she pressed my head against her breasts.

I was not wearing any T-shirt so when she pulled my shorts in a flash I was naked.

"Oh ma" I sighed.

"Let me see how my boy looks" she said.

For the first time since our first encounter we were in the bed with lights on. She pushed me away from her so that she could have a look at me. I was ashamed the way she was watching me. She moved her hands over my chest and my shoulders. My dick was fully erect but it was resting against her thighs.

"Rohan I want to see 'it'" she said.

I was ashamed and reluctantly moved away from her.

"Wow" she was stunned to see my fully erect dick.

"It is so red and thick" she said.

My dick is not long enough but I think it is certainly good across (thick).

I again moved on top of her as I was ashamed the way she was watching me.

"Hey Rohan don't be so ashamed. It's ok. It's just you and me."

"Ma please"

"It's ok Rohan look at me"

I looked in her eyes. She was looking lovingly towards me.

"Rohan don't be shy. Be my man."

"Oh ma I am your baby."

"Yes honey but now you are my man."

She then gently pulled me towards her and planted a soft kiss on my lips.

"You know Rohan you have made me a woman again. You make me feel wanted and loved. I would have become mad if this had not happened between us."

"Oh ma I love you. You are so sweet."

"I love you too honey."

"You know Rohan how frustrated I was for all these years?"

"I can understand ma"

"You can't understand it beta(son) the agony through which I have gone"

"I know mom"

I was now moving my fingers through her hair and planting a few soft kisses on her lips and on her forehead. She had closed her eyes and was just enjoying being loved.

"It feels soooo good when you love me like this Rohan"

"I love you ma"

"Your dad never loved me like this. He was interested only in the hole between my legs"

"No mom my dad is not that insensitive"

"I am his wife honey and I have slept under him for twenty years"

"Then I am sorry ma you did not have a good time with him"

"Yes only some times when I was wild I needed him otherwise it was he who would just insert his dick and have his way" she said in a low voice.

"But he is not that bad ma" I tried to defend my dad.

"I know honey but he was too clumsy in the bed. He never made me feel loved. I always used to feel used by him like a sex slave. So disgusting"

"It's ok ma it's all over now. You have me."

"Yes honey" she sighed.

I then pressed myself against her breast and started to kiss them. She began moaning with pleasure. My dick was hard like a steel bar and aching to go inside her.

"Rohan remove my sari"


"Your dad already know everything so what's the point in keeping it on"

I slowly removed her sari like a kid unwrap his gift. She was now in her blouse and petticoat. Her breasts were moving up and down with her every breath. She put her hands behind her back and slowly unhooked her blouse. I helped her remove it. This exposed her bra which was desperately trying to hold her huge breasts. I put my hand around her back and started to unhook her bra. My hands were trembling and my body was shaking. After struggling for a while I gave up the attempt to unhook her bra. She giggled and unhooked and removed it in a flash.

"Next time I won't do it for you" she said as she giggled.

I was dumbfounded when I saw her voluptuous breasts. They were much bigger than what I have imagined. Her tits were brown and quite big.

"What are you looking at Rohan? Don't you want to suck them?" She asked lovingly.

"Wow ma you are so gorgeous" I said.

She then pulled me towards her. I buried my face against her exposed breasts and started rubbing it against it. She was moaning with pleasure. I then started sucking her breast. I was moving my tongue over her nipples teasing her. She was arching her back and moaning with pleasure. After some time she pulled my head towards her.

"Rohan love me Rohan" she whispered in my ear.

She then slowly slid her hands between my and her belly to reach out to the strings of her petticoat. As she was uniting her strings her hands were touching my dick and I was feeling a sweet tingling sensation. After she had untied the strings she lifted her bottom slightly and slid her petticoat down up to her thighs.

"Remove it honey" she said lovingly.

I quickly removed it. Her beautiful thighs were now exposed to me. She was wearing a black panty which was looking very sexy because of her fair thighs. I lowered my face between her thighs and started kissing softly on inside of her thighs. She started to moan loudly as I reached near her pussy.

"Aggghhhh Rohan Ssshhhh Aaaaahhh"

I then reached over her panty. I placed a kiss on her pussy over her panty.

"Ssssshhhh Aaaaahhhhh" she moaned

I kept on kissing softly as she moaned. My nose was filled with the musky aroma coming out of her pubic area. I slowly increased the frequency of my kisses. She was now moaning with pleasure. I then started rubbing my nose and cheeks against her pussy and kissing her pussy loudly. The rubbing and the sound of smooching made her crazy.

"Aggghhh O my God Ssssshhh Aaahhhhhggghhh ssssshhhh aaaaahhhh"

"Rohaaaan come inside me Rohan Ssssshhhh aghhhh"

She pulled my hair and brought my face near her.

"Do it honey do it. I can't wait"

She was raising her waist again and again and pressing her pussy against my dick. My hands automatically moved to reach her panty. I slowly removed it from her body. Her thick black pubic hairs were hiding her pussy. I slowly moved my fingers through them occasionally caressing her pussy lips. She would moan with pleasure whenever I touched her pussy. For the first time after months since our first encounter my mom was lying totally naked under me. I lay myself on top of her. I wanted to feel the nakedness of her body. I had placed my hands over her shoulders from behind her back. My chest was resting against her breasts. Our bellies were pressing against each other and my thighs were resting on her thighs. My dick was resting in her pubic hair aching to go home.

"Come inside honey" she said with a lust filled voice.

She pushed me away a little to free my dick which was sandwiched between our pubic region. She then grabbed it and placed it between her pussy lips.

"Push it Rohan get it inside me at once"

"Aaaahhh ma" as I pushed my dick inside her with a single thrust.

"Aaaaiiiiigaaaaaaaaaaah" my mom screamed loudly.

"O my God it hurt Rohan Ooooooggghhh" she screamed in pain.

For the fist time, she was moaning and screaming loudly as there as no worry of getting caught. It was already known to my dad what was going on. It hurt because she was too impatient to wait. It was at her insistence I pushed myself inside her at once. I ignored her because I knew after a few strokes she would be wet enough. So I started moving in and out of her pussy as slowly as possible. I then increased my rhythm when I realised that she was wet enough. The pain from her face was vanished and she was moaning with pleasure again. She was pressing her lower lip with her teeth to control her ecstasy. It was very pleasing sight to see my mom moaning with pleasure. It was a very satisfying feeling to see that I was able to give her so much pleasure. Her pussy was now leaking with our churned love juices. It was a heavenly experience as we were both naked for the first time. We were both enjoying the touch of our naked bodies. Our naked bodies were rubbing against each other. Face to face, breasts to chest, belly to belly, thighs to thighs and our genitals locked. I was moving slowly in and out of her body enjoying the cosiness of her pussy. She had clasped my buttocks with her hands and she was pressing me towards her pussy.

"Faster honey faster" She said

I increased my rhythm. After some time she spread her legs wide apart. I knew from the past experience that she was about to come now. I was controlling myself not to come before her.

"Sssss Agghhhhh Rohaaaannnnn"

"Maaaa Sssssshhhh aaaahhhhh"

"Faster Rohan Faster Ssssshhhh Aghhhhhhhh" She screamed.

"Ohh maaa I will come maaaa"

"Ohhhhh rip me apart Aaaaiiiiggghaaa Aaahhhhhhhh" she screamed loudly.

Her screaming was driving me crazy. I knew that my dad was surely able to hear everything. I was totally turned on by the thought that my dad was now aware that mom was begging me to love her.

"Faster Rohan faster"

I lifted my upper body from her and rested my palms on the bed just above her shoulders. She had spread her legs wide apart to give me full access to her womanhood. I started to move frantically between her legs. Her breasts were swaying up and down violently. Our bed was creating creaking noise. Her bangles were creating clinking sounds. On top of that she was moaning and screaming loudly, shamelessly advertising what she wanted and what she was doing. This was now enough for me and I could no longer hold myself.

"I am coming maaa ssshhhh aaaahhhh"

"Ohhhh yesssss fill me Ssssshhhhh aggghhhhhhh" she moaned.

"Ohhhh Maaaaaaaaa Ssssssssssshhhhh Agggghhhhhhhhhhhhh"

I came inside her pussy spraying her pussy with my cum.

"Aaaaiiiiighhhhhhaaaaa ssssssshhhhhh aaaaahhhhhhhhhh" she screamed.

She clasped my buttocks as usual with her legs as she came. Waves of pleasure and ecstasy ran through our bodies. Our genitals were pulsating in unison. My dick was spraying her pussy with my seeds and her pussy was sucking it hungrily. I lay on top of her pressing hard against her breasts. She was pulling me towards her by putting her hands around my back. We lay like that for a long time as there was no hurry. We had the best orgasm of our lives as we were totally relaxed and there was no fear of getting caught. After some time I moved out of her as my dick went limp.

We were lying next to each other totally naked holding our hands. She then turned to me and rested her head over my chest and put her leg over my legs. She was caressing my nipple with her one hand. I just put my one hand around her back and gathered her closer to me. She was looking satisfied and relaxed. I was exhausted but relaxed. I was happy with myself that I was always able to make her come every time. She had complained that she would rarely come with my dad. We soon fell asleep.

The next day my mom moved in my room. She moved her small cupboard inside my room with most of her clothes. She left a few clothes behind just in case any relative drop in. I used to take her to restaurants and movies on weekends. Sometimes we also took dad with us.

As the days passed my mom increasingly became less aware and careless of the surroundings. She would hug and kiss me whenever I came home from office even if my dad was around. She would even leave the door of our bedroom open while making love. Some times after making love she would walk naked to the kitchen to drink water. While doing so she had to walk across my dad's room which he always left open. This continued for further three years. After three years I got a job in Mumbai I always wished to move to Mumbai for better prospects. I was not ready to leave my mom but my mom convinced me and I moved to Mumbai. But I would come to my mom every weekend and we would make wild love after remaining abstain for a week.


Suddenly one day I came across my childhood sweetheart Anuradha. She worked as an architect in an office just a few meters away from my office. I recognised her the moment I saw her. I went running behind her and called out her name. She was terrified to find a stranger running behind her calling her name. She did not recognise me at first because I sport a moustache then. When I told her I was Rohan her classmate she was delighted and jumped in joy. In our first meeting itself she told me she was unmarried. We met a few times more and in one of those meetings I confessed that I had a huge crush on her since we were in school. She blushed on hearing my confession.

"You men are so stupid." She said.

"Why Anu? Did I embrace you?" I asked in desperation.

"No Rohan actually me too." she blushed and hung her face avoiding my eye contact.

"Did you have a crush on me Anu?" I asked in excitement.

She blushed again and nodded her head without looking at me.

"Oh Anu do you still have that crush?" I asked her again I was anxious to know.

She nodded again.

"You should have told me long back." She said.

"Better late than never." I said. I was in cloud nine.

After a few more meetings I proposed her which she happily accepted. I told my mom, she was happy for me that I was now going to start my family. But she was sad at the other hand as we would not be able to see each other. Eventually I was married to my childhood sweetheart Anuradha.

My wife is really very loving and caring. We are totally in love with each other. We have two cute kids. We live in Mumbai. I am 37 and my mom is 57. I still go to Nasik every month and we then make wild and passionate love. My mom doesn't care about anything while making love to me. She is more passionate than my wife when it comes to sex. She really charges me up every month.


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Sunday, September 28, 2008

A Bike Ride with My Mom

When I went off the college, my parents both went through a sort-of mid-life crisis. I was the youngest of three kids so when they found themselves with an empty house, it invigorated them and they both found new activities to go along with their busy jobs. My sisters and I often commented on how they were both more fit and seemed happy all the time.

I'm 23 now, out of school and living out of state. Last summer, my parents paid for us kids to join them for a week at a resort near Lake Michigan. My sisters showed up with their boyfriends, and I brought my girlfriend, Carole, with me. We were all staying in a large cottage and fell into a relaxed schedule pretty quickly.

On the third day, I woke up late and found my mom reading a book with a cup of coffee. She was dressed in a nice t-shirt and a pair of sweat pants. My mother had gotten into exercising in the last few years so she was often in some sort of work out clothes. She is in her fifties and petite, but her skin shows her age. She has short hair with a mix of black and gray, small breasts and a healthy butt. I've often found her attractive, but never thought much more about her.

"Nice of you to get up," she said looking up from her book.

"Yeah, I guess I needed some sleep. Where are the guys?" I said as I found some coffee and a danish. I knew my girlfriend and my sisters were out on a marathon shopping trip in the city.

"Your father took the guys golfing first thing this morning and the girls are out shopping," she reported. "That leaves you and me."

"And what are you planning to do today?" I asked as I ate.

"Well, I'm thinking of a bike ride. Are you up for it?" She asked.

"I'm game, but I better have another Danish." I joked.

I put on some shorts and a shirt and met my mom out in the driveway. She was stretching her legs and she grabbed my attention when she bent over to touch her toes. Her shirt wasn't tucked in and it fell with gravity. I was walking up behind her and could see the sides of her small breasts in her lacy white bra. She kept stretching without thinking about the show she was giving me. I pretended to do some stretching with her and tried not to get caught looking at her. Her sweat pants were tight and I could see her panty line as she stretched. I was glad to be wearing some tight underwear to keep my cock from pitching a huge tent in my shorts.

We were on our way soon enough and enjoyed the tree-lined trail. I rode behind her and fought at times to keep up with her. Going up hills, she would stand up from the seat and I took in the view of her ass in her tight sweat pants. The top of her panties showed at her lower back where her shirt had ridden up. I could tell they were some silky purple material with a lacy band. I had enjoyed inspecting my mom's lingerie when I was a teenager and it was always pretty conservative – large white panties, no-nonsense bras, etc. The lacy purple part was new and it really got me going. I imagined how her cute ass looked in them as I followed the panty line around. I couldn't believe I was starting to lust after my mom.

As we rode, we talked about various things, my sisters, my job, my girlfriend, etc. I asked her how she and my dad were doing and she dropped a bomb very casually.

"Oh, your father and I have been doing well. Ever since we opened up our marriage, we really enjoy the time we spend together."

I rode up alongside her to find out more. "Opened up your marriage? You mean..."

She finished my thought, "that we have other sexual partners, yes. I thought your sisters would've told you by now."

I was shocked and turned on at the same time. I immediately pictured my mom on her back with her legs in the air, small tits jiggling, urging some random guy, "fuck me, fuck me, fuck me."

"No, they never told me." I responded trying to sound composed. "Well, good for you two."

"You know, we really do love each other, but sex with the same person for thirty-five years can get a little stale," she explained very matter-of-factly. "It's exciting to have fun with other people and then come back to your life partner. I only recommend it after thirty years or so. Our relationship wouldn't have lasted if we did it when we were younger."

I was just letting her speak as I drifted behind her a bit. I was letting it all sink in. They really have changed, I thought. As my mom was talking, the top of her panties were still visible and now even more of a turn on. On top of that, her back was sweating and her bra was becoming more visible as the t-shirt clung to her. I was now picturing her in just her bra and panties rubbing her ass on the bike seat.

The conversation changed and we rode for a while longer. We returned after about an hour and we both needed a shower. Since there was only one bathroom in the cottage, I let her go first.

She didn't close the door completely when she went in the bathroom and from where I was sitting, I could see in just a bit. She wasn't standing right in my view, unfortunately, but I did see her walk by wearing just her bra and panties. She was a hot little package and those purple panties looked so sexy on her butt.

When she was done with the shower, she came out wrapping in a towel that just barely reached her thighs. With her short hair wet, no makeup and bare skin, she looked old, but her legs were firm and her face was cute.

"All yours," she said with a smile, and I went in to shower.

Immediately I spotted her clothes piled on the floor with the purple panties on top. I picked them up and held them in front of me. I could smell her in them and the silkiness was totally turning me on.

I quickly undressed and rubbed the panties on my cock. It felt so good. Without thinking, I put them on. I had tried on my mom's panties and bras in the past, and got a little thrill, but I never really did much after that. Today, though, was a different story. Those sexy panties felt great on my cock and pulled tight against my ass. I was stroking my cock in the panties when I heard the door opening.

"I forgot my – " my mom had opened the door and stood in her towel staring at me. "I forgot my clothes."

I was like a deer in the headlights. The hand that had been stroking my cock now covered it ineffectively. "I, uh, I, uh," was all I could stammer.

My mom smiled at my embarrassment. "It's okay, it's okay," she said as she walked to me and grabbed my shoulders. Looking me square in the eye she said, "It's okay for you to enjoy women's underwear. I know lots of people that love panties. I do, for instance."

I didn't know what to do. I was caught wearing my mom's panties and here she was telling me it was okay. "I don't know what to say, mom. I haven't done this before."

"Oh, you haven't have you?" She stayed close to me as she smiled. "I seem to remember finding my underwear all rearranged when you were younger."

"Uh, well, I guess I tried them once or twice." I admitted.

She said, "It's okay. You should enjoy it." She really shocked me then. She took a hand from my shoulder and ran it along my chest and down to my crotch. She pulled me close with her other arm and leaned into my ear. She began stroking my cock as she said, "I want you to enjoy my panties. I think they're pretty sexy and it's clear you do too. You've become quite a man and I want you to come in my panties."

I closed my eyes as she said this. I couldn't believe what was happening, but my cock didn't let me think too much about it. I was experiencing such a forbidden thrill in both the panties and my mom stroking me. "Oh, mom, that's fabulous," I finally moaned.

"Mike, you have a wonderful body." She said as she began kissing my neck. "Let's have some fun." I turned my head to her and kissed her on the lips. Our tongues immediately reached out for each other and I pulled her to me. She moved a hand around to my panty-covered ass and I reached for her towel. It fell to the floor and I ran my hands all over her back, sides, ass and breasts.

She broke our kiss and said, "I want to taste that thing." She kissed her way down my body to my crotch. She kissed my cock in her panties and said, "These look cute on you," and she moved the panties to one side and pulled my cock out through a leg hole.

My cock sprang forward and she grabbed it in one hand and started feeding on it. She clearly liked sucking cocks and ran her tongue up and down each side of it. She stroked me with increasing speed and ran her head back and forth over my shaft. It was the most glorious blow job I had ever had. She ran one hand over my ass as the other pulled my cock in and out of her mouth. My hands rested on her hair as my orgasm built. I moaned out loud, "Mom, you're making me come." She increased her speed even more and I peaked in orgasm with a loud "Unnnnhhh," and she sucked and sucked and sucked every drop of my sperm.

I couldn't stand anymore and knelt down to kiss her. Her lips were full of saliva and sperm as she kissed me passionately on the bathroom floor. Sucking my cock had made her hot and I could tell she needed some release.

"Let's go to your bedroom," I said as I pulled her up. As I did, I finally had a full view of her naked body. Her tits were small and a little wrinkled, but the nipples were large and taut. Her pussy was neatly trimmed with only the smallest patch of hair above it.

"I'd better put this back," she said as she put my cock back inside her panties. "You look great in those," she added.

We walked to her bedroom with silent nervousness interrupted by a few giggles. "It's a good thing everyone else is so busy today," I said as we entered the master bedroom.

"Now, you just take a seat," she said, "and I will get a pair of panties too."

I did as she suggested and she went to where her clothes were. She found a silky red thong and held it up. "Hmm," I said as she slipped it on.

"I love the way these thongs feel in my ass," my mother said. I couldn't believe the way the day was going, but my cock was now in charge.

She came over to the bed and lay down next to me. We started kissing again as my hands explored her ass. It was now my turn to kiss my way down her body and I moved down the bed until my face was in her crotch.

The panties she wore looked hot; the bright red contrasted with her white skin. I kissed around them on her thighs and lower stomach. She moaned in delight and her fresh panties were starting to show how wet she was.

I moved my hands behind to her ass and ran my fingers along the panties in her crack. "Pull on them," she said. "I love the pressure on my clit from these panties." I did as she said and she moaned accordingly.

I was ready to dig in to her pussy at this point. I slid the panties to one side and kissed her gently on her slit. My mom's pussy was softer than my girlfriend's, but she tasted sweet and her juices invited me in. I ran my tongue as far down toward her ass as I could and back up. She was lifting her ass off the bed to get more penetration from my tongue. I teased her with some more light licking and then began probing deeper with my tongue.

I moved my legs around toward her head as I ate her. She responded by stroking my cock in her panties and pulling it out again for more kisses.

Her breathing increased as I licked and stuck my tongue inside her. "Stick a finger in," she moaned. I stuck two fingers in her and she was off. "Oh, oh, oh, yeah. That's it. Eat my pussy," she squealed.

She took my head in one hand and pushed me into her. My nose jammed against my hand and my fingers went deeper. "Oh, oh, keep going." She yelled and then she let out a loud, "Yesssss," as she shuddered in her orgasm. I kept moving my tongue through her climax until she released pressure on my head.

I turned around as she recovered from her orgasm and lay next to her kissing her face lightly. "I hope you enjoyed that mom," I said quietly.

"Mmm-hmm," was all she could respond and we lay there quietly for a few minutes resting.

"Mike, that felt great," she finally spoke. "You really have some great oral skills."

"Thanks," I said.

"Now, I'm ready for more." She said with a smile as she repositioned herself. She grabbed my cock which was dangling out of one side of her panties and stroked it until it was standing up on its own. She straddled me, lined her pussy up with the tip of my cock, and slowly sat down on it. "Oh, yeaaah," she said.

We were both still wearing panties but we were completely connected. She moved slowly up and down my cock and I had my hands on her ass. I pulled on her thong with one hand to put pressure on her clit. We looked in each others eyes as we shared the intimate moment. "Mom, you're beautiful," I finally said.

"Thanks, dear. You have a wonderful cock by the way." It was a quiet, slow fuck, but it was still amazing to me that I was fucking my mom.

She kept moving up and down on my shaft and increased her pace. I could tell she was nearing another orgasm. Her eyes closed and she ground her pussy on my cock as I reached up to play with her small tits. She slid a hand into her panties and I saw her fingers playing with her clit as her thighs pumped her up and down.

"Oh, oh, oh, oh" she panted in quick short breaths. I thought she was about to come when she stopped and moved up off my cock.

"I'll be right back," she said with a pant, and she went to her suitcase again. She pulled out a tube of lubricant and returned to her straddling position. "I need something in my ass and I think your cock will be perfect."

She lubed her asshole and the tip of my shaft. She rubbed her asshole with her finger and then moved the tip of my cock in place. With a slow movement and a high pitched squeak, she sat down on my cock sending it deep in her ass.

I was in heaven. Her ass was so tight it was driving me nuts. Her rhythm began slow again, but she moaned at every movement. I thrust into her when she reached the bottom of my shaft. I was so close to coming now. "Unnhh, unnhh," she moaned up and down. "Your cock is perfect. I love having it in my ass." She ran her hands over my chest and stomach as she massaged her anus with my cock.

"I hope you like fucking your mother in the ass while wearing her panties," she teased.

"I do, mom, I do," I assured her and I was about to prove it to her with another load of sperm. I ran my hands over thighs and her ass and then to the front of her panties. "I love the feel of your panties."

She ran her fingers over the front of the panties I was wearing and then reached around to the back. She pulled on the panties and they slipped into my crack against my ass. "Do you like the feel of them in your ass?" she asked.

"Yes" I said quietly as I enjoyed the sensation of her silky panties and her silky ass at the same time.

"Good," she continued, "now fuck my ass hard." She increased her speed on my cock and I thrust harder into her. Her dirty talk was sending me over the edge and she started playing with her pussy again. "That's it son, fuck my ass," she yelled. "Fuck your mother, fuck me." With that I lost control and felt my come travel up and out of my cock as she pounded her ass against me.

"Unnh, yeahhh!" I yelled as I held her thighs against me. I felt her begin to shudder as I was holding her.

I reached a hand up and pinched one of her large nipples while I moved my hips as much as I could, and she screamed, "Yesss, fuck your motherrrrrrr." She fell on top of me out of breath and shaking from her orgasm. I could barely move as I was completely drained.

We fell asleep like that for what might have been half an hour. My cock was still in her ass when I awoke. We got up and took a shower together lathering soap on each other. We didn't have time for anything more before the rest of the group got back, and she said, "You'd better leave the panties with me otherwise your girlfriend will suspect something."

"Of course," I said and went to go get dressed in my room. "Maybe I'll talk to her about that," I said as I left.

"Let me know if you need any help explaining things to her." She said with a sly smile on her lovely face.

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